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Welcome to my Cancer Core Recovery Project website!

I empower women in cancer recovery THRIVE, not just SURVIVE. I’m here to inspire, motivate and empower you. No matter what. I want you to wake up and move your body every day, no excuses. The moments when we’re challenged the most remind us just how strong we truly are.  It takes strength, courage and the willingness to choose joy over all else to overcome the struggles and author your own story. No body and nobody is perfect.

You are always one choice away from a new you. I know you can do this!

Explore the ways I can help you EMpower your life ...




Certified Cancer Recovery Specialist

Yoga + Pilates + Cancer Core Recovery® to transform your mind, body & soul.

"Recently, I had the pleasure of participating in an Emilee Garfield cancer core recovery class. Members of my urology team, husband and 4 week old newborn joined Emilee for a session. Our group of participants could not have been more diverse in regards to fitness levels and prior life events.  Emilee challenged all of us in a safe and effective manner in addition to inspiring and motivating us both as individuals and a team. We had a blast optimizing ourselves with Emilee, who has successfully battled a rhabdomyosarcoma pelvic tumor as a child and stage 3 ovarian cancer as an adult!  I commend Emilee for developing a mental and physical recovery program for patients after significant abdominal or pelvic surgery.  As a urologist, who focuses on pelvic wellness, I can affirm the need for such a positive recovery program after urologic treatments for cancer and other pathologies.  There is a void in regards to fitness after major surgery. Patients will greatly benefit spiritually and physically from Emilee’s cancer core recovery program! Her never quit attitude and go big or go home philosophy will facilitate others to be the best version of themselves during challenging times."

Dr. Rodgers, Sansum Urology Clinic




Certified Live a New Life Story® Coach

Take back your power, author your own story & create a roadmap for your life.