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Note: you must purchase 2 mini stability balls. Tip: Don't overinflate the balls. They work best when a little air is released.Please order 10" - STOTT PILATES Mini Stability Ball

Whether you're recovering from surgery, living with an ileostomy, post-partum, need to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, or struggle with weak abdominals and lower back pain, this series created by 2x cancer survivor and movement educator Emilee Garfield gives you the tools to safely restore strength to your deepest muscles.
Empower yourself and rebuild your body safely with Emilee’s uplifting Cancer Core Recovery(R) Workout! It’s like having a motivational workout buddy who keeps you smiling and enjoying the process no matter what state of fitness you’re in now.
Excellent for:
    •    Pelvic Wellness
    •    Strengthening Abdominal Muscles
    •    TRAM Flap Breast Surgery
    •    Increasing Flexibility & Mobility
After major abdominal and pelvic surgery from stage 111 C ovarian cancer, I didn’t even recognize my body. I had to get used to a new Ileostomy (colon bag) on my tummy.
Being a Pilates teacher, I was determined to get my body back in shape. At first I didn’t care how my body looked, I just wanted to function without being in pain. Scar tissue inside the surgical site was painful after surgery.
I realized that healing my body was going to be a process.
After radiation damaged and weakened the tissues in my abdomen and pelvis, I lost sensation inside my core. I had to slow down, listen to my body and let it teach me.
I modified a lot because of my Ileostomy. I created this routine for myself because of my limited range of movement. If I tried to do a regular workout, it just didn’t happen and I got frustrated. I also developed body image issues and the last thing I wanted to do was judge myself.
The Pilates balls supported me so that I was not in pain. At the same time, I was able to find a deeper part of my core by using them. I was amazed how the slower and smaller my movements were, I felt my insides working on a deeper level.
Be mindful and concentrate on timing and micro-mini movements to strengthen your body on a deeper level. This is what makes these exercises so unique and perfect for anyone who needs to rebuild their core muscles.
I learned that there is no one right way. Do what works best for you.
This routine is appropriate for all ages and levels.
“Slow down and work deeper, not bigger.”
~Emilee Garfield
The optimum time to begin this DVD is 6 weeks after surgery and medical clearance from your doctor.
Approximately: 60 Minutes